Saturday, 24 January 2009

Topology re-check


Working on the topology of the hand. It’s taking a while. Also sorted out some issues with the boots -


Here’s a comparison between the left and right foot. I’m working on an obj import of the original. Finding that zbrush messed with the original topology a little, especially in areas of higher detail, like the hands. And the side of the head. I’ll need to watch out for that.

Also for anyone interested – Liam sent me this link, might help others.


Here’s some interesting renders from last semester (2008)


Cool-ish pose of the Hatavar.

Hatavar_RigTestOverdrive_V18 Hatavar_RigTestOverdrive_V28rigtest

Rig Tests.

Hatavar_Hand_V15(Kite) Hatavar_Hand_V15(NonKite) Hatavar_Hand_V16_(topology) Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest

Terrible first normal map test – I’d exported the wrong kind of normal maps. Live and let learn.

Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V2 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V6 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V6_icon Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V7 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V8 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V9

Various poses and renders, mostly to bulk up my submission. I’m looking into lighting properly, anyone have any suggestions where to look?


I’ve been working on a number of things the last couple of days. A bit of 3D modelling here, and a bit of tightening up of digi paints there.

The most profound thing I did was visit the library. I was checking out their selection of gnomon dvds. A really cool one by BARONTiERi – which starts with concept thumbnails and moves on from there.

So that’s what I’m going to show, some of the thumbnails I managed to knock out tonight.


Some ideas for the character of windbag pigeon. I’m just going with whatever flow the next brush stroke presents. Keep your mind wide open.


Wednesday, 21 January 2009


So 10 seconds before my presentation my heart decided to speed upon and force high quantities of adrenaline through my veins. I felt the effects of this for the next hour. I’d also attempted to convince myself that the presentation didn’t matter – this is all for the experience.

My 2 hours of preparation didn’t matter passed line 4, because I forgot to look back at my notebook anyway.

I really have to thank Daru. His constant beaming face looking at my intently kept me going and gave me the push to keep talking. No matter what it was I was saying.

The presentation done its’ job, I know where to improve and how to improve it. It’s just a case of doing so – and then it’ll totally rock.

Beyond that I’ve been continuing modelling Windbag, so he’s how the model is looking so far.


I may have accidentally forgotten to save it though…. time will tell on that one.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


A spiral of depression – falling into the abyss – descending into madness – losing one self – however you describe it, I’m tryiong to capture that sense of being lost in an endlessness.

Spirals have played a particular inspiration in doam – living in spirals is one of life’s eccentricities.


Here’s how it’s looking at the moment – I screen-grabbed the vector illustrating lost among the flash file, and I’ve begun painting over it in photoshop.

The perspective is a little distorted because the camera will pan from top left to bottom right eventually. Thus it will hopefully mimic a camera movement following the hatavar – I haven’t tested it yet.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Corridor WIP2



Here's my progress on the corridor background conceptual painting. This is as far as I got before dinner and I've gone with a more purple hue somehow as an experiment.

I'm thinking of painting a seperate wanted poster to tile in the background, to keep consistency. Right, off to watch more of Castle in the Sky.

Additional backgrounds

I've just been painting over a photograph I took of a sketch... oh I forgot to mention, my scanner has malfunctioned. I still have an old one to fall back on, but it's a sharp drop in quality.

I don't get why it isn't working - scanpanel just won't scan anything - software recognises there's a scanner there, and the drivers are all freshly installed.

Anyways - attempting a new colour scheme on the train interiors. Roughly referencing from previous paintings, I'm working into each of these in turn but for now. Here's a WIP of what I have so far.



The mechanics of how the train turns will come into play in this scene, as will the Hatavar's past. Thoughts?


Ah Mondays, aren't they the bestest?

Back in the summer I was commissioned to create this, so this is somewhat old but I didn't post it up anywhere.


It's a concept artwork based upon a small game being developed by a friend of mine.This displays one of the legendary characters from the game - The Mexican.

A piece from my sketchbook -



Now I'm going to try and be productive today.... wish me luck.

3D Mock Up Environments

This is just something I've quickly thrown together in Maya, and then exported as an obj to play around with in photoshop.


I'll have to play around with the lighting in Maya and see if I can get it looking cool. For now I'm going to place this within my animatic so it gives a sense of placement for the scanned linework.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Short Animations

Because I may as well share what I've been spending my time doing... watching these... - The Cold Rush = Pfffirate - (watch half way through this showreel for this to one to begin.) - Ident - Growing up

Among other things, it's cool to see what has come before. Just don't let viewing inspiration be the only thing you do today...

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Study of a Goddess

Time to let this piece see some light - could do with some refinement but everything can. Time to take what I've learnt from this and apply it to the next one.

A satisfying conclusion to this chapter?



Now I'm going to have to return to focusing on my Animatic, plus a presentation I have to make next Wednesday.

Who knows what kind of branding I'll have to come up with to distinguish myself from the pack. Only it will have to be something epic-ly suitable.

Image above was references from stock imagery provided by M.J.Ranum. You can find the original image here -

Friday, 16 January 2009

Following a Train of Thought

For the short animation I've been working on, all of the action will take place inside a train. The design of which is an elaborate blend of Rococo with a turn of the bizarre.

I've been painting up colour/light tests to see how the train would blend together. The first painting I have is of the first door the protagonist discovers.

It's a break from his linear progression down the train, a path leading off and it consumes his curiosity, forcing him to try and overcome the door's defences.


Second painting in progress is one of the main seating carriages. Notices the continuation of the plush red carpet which runs throughout the train.


Both WIP's but I feel I've been holding them to my chest a bit too long. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


Animatic is going somewhat well, a lot of issues are resolving themselves. I'd really like to have something to show by next week...

I gargle at the forthcoming week, it's a mangle of deadlines. Self set and academically driven deadlines. All vying for a drop of my blood by which to own me by.

I might end up like poor Windbag alas, thoughtless and zombie-like.


At least the burden of anticipation over my last semester's grades has finally alleviated. I know what they were now, that's enough to keep me going.


Windbag has some direction. A nifty ticket just for him, printed with some comforting letters, which are in fact numbers in a roman kind of way.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Brushing up

A happy new year to everyone...

I've been trying to brush up on my digital painting after the Christmas break since I was isolated from my wacom. It's been fun, a couple hours tinkering saw me create this little dude.


I may dabble with him a little more, but I've found jumping between paintings has been the most fun and constructive for me. I have some plans for a new way of studying for me, but I'll unveil them later when I have the evidence to back it up.

There's some concept ideas backing this guy up, but they're a little frail at the moment. If you like him, I'll do more! What's everyone else up to these days? I'm looking forward to seeing the artwork 2009 will haul in.