Saturday, 24 January 2009

Topology re-check


Working on the topology of the hand. It’s taking a while. Also sorted out some issues with the boots -


Here’s a comparison between the left and right foot. I’m working on an obj import of the original. Finding that zbrush messed with the original topology a little, especially in areas of higher detail, like the hands. And the side of the head. I’ll need to watch out for that.

Also for anyone interested – Liam sent me this link, might help others.


Here’s some interesting renders from last semester (2008)


Cool-ish pose of the Hatavar.

Hatavar_RigTestOverdrive_V18 Hatavar_RigTestOverdrive_V28rigtest

Rig Tests.

Hatavar_Hand_V15(Kite) Hatavar_Hand_V15(NonKite) Hatavar_Hand_V16_(topology) Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest

Terrible first normal map test – I’d exported the wrong kind of normal maps. Live and let learn.

Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V2 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V6 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V6_icon Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V7 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V8 Hatavar_Obj_NormalmappingTest_V9

Various poses and renders, mostly to bulk up my submission. I’m looking into lighting properly, anyone have any suggestions where to look?