Friday, 24 September 2010

Chasing the Dream

A story beat painting I crafted in the past, of the character Frogboy, attempting to catch a great almighty fish. Sombre palette. Reviewing this, I feel I could push the values a lot more to create a more dramatic image.
As always comments and critique are welcome.

Bowen Health/Allure Beauty


I’ve been attending to some freelance graphic design work, for Bowen Health Kelso and Allure Beauty. Here’s a selection of silhouette type logos I created for Allure.

I found an interesting way to mimic Mucha style hair rendering, and I’m tempted to produce a painting piece in a similar style.

Monday, 20 September 2010




I’ve been working on a low poly model titled ‘Monk’ over the weekend (Thurs-Saturday). The intent is to use him for a 3rd person action/adventure demo to test in-game animation sets, potentially in UDK or otherwise.

The character is rigged by my friend Mike Cummings – for more details visit his blog. Thank you!

Thanks for browsing. More to come.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Next Level Dundee 2010

lastsmoke_01lastsmoke_02lastsmoke_04 lastsmoke_05 lastsmoke_06   lastsmoke_03

Next Level Dundee 2010, marks my second involvement in the 5 day event, where teams of 5 or so are tasked with the challenge to create some kind of digital media product within that timeframe. The brief was 'THE ELEMENTS'.

As Team A, we created a short animation depicting a deathrow inmate attempting to smoke his last meal, an almost empty pack of cigarettes, against the elements. A great bunch of people to work with!

Su Chen - Character Animation
Jamie Strachan - Character Animation, Storyboard/Animatic
Sonja Geracsek - Graphic Design, Effects Animation
Calum Goold - Audio
Michael Doig - 3D Environment, Layout, 3D Animation, Rendering, Post Production, Effects and Editing.

The animation was created using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. Stock photography was utilised from

Last years entry, '32' can be viewed here.

Thank you to Iain Smith, for organising such a great oppurtunity, I hope Next Level Dundee continues to get better and better!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Next Level 2010


Concept caricature of a smoking fellow for a short animation I’ll working on in Next Level Dundee 2010, I’ll be contributing to Team A’s project.

He’s fondly referred to as Miagi at the moment.