Saturday, 23 April 2011

Friday Update

Here’s a sample of the work I’ve been doing outside of day work at Tag.


Returning to the model from our Dare game Quick As Thieves – I’m using the redesign concept as a reference to refine and remodel the character. Not quite content with the proportions on this one yet – nudging it ever so closer to the concept though.

Other dabblings…



Character portrait study of a character from Violet Raven’s novel in progress – Vi has waited patiently years for me to do this…


Lady in Air rough speedpaint – drawn in the early hours when I couldn’t sleep. I hope to get stuck into more interesting things this coming weekend.

As always, I value your thoughts, whomever reads these words, and views my works. Help me improve with your insight to guide me.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Edging closer to the idea, nudging my way toward capturing what I first saw. Horrible first rendition paves the way to new insights. Don’t hide your mistakes, you are only distancing yourself from the one’s who can lend you the strength to surpass them.

Critiques, comments, thoughts, reactions, suggestions and stories, sought and treasured.


Its late, I’d like to continue to work on this but this is where I’m leaving it for the night.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So, on my way to work this morning my brain piped up and said, ‘Hey you, scruffy!’ and I sauntered on bewildered. I almost tripped on a curb upon which it remarked, ‘You’ve never drawn the Hulk before, give it a spin.’

I took a few thoughtful moments to wonder what kind of spin I could possibly extract from plethora of options. Smashing, busting up parties, throwing shit, killing tanks whereupon my brain said, ‘Make him contemplative. A contemplative Hulk. DO EET!’

So again, a few stolen minutes at the end of lunch and I scrubbed up a passable attempt. I promptly dragged it home to slather it with more time and attention and ended up with this.


With his face all twisted up and wrong… I’ve learned what I didn’t want to do with the idea, and practiced some. So mistakes all bundled up and fresh in mind, I’m going to bash on and see what else I can throw together.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lunchtime Doodles

I’ve been working at Tag Games for the past couple of months, working on an iOS game.

However, I feel like I’m losing my edge, so I’m spending the little time I have during lunch break to knock out some studies/sketches each day to get the flow back. Here’s today. Sketchy and unfinished, just how I like ‘em...