Monday, 16 March 2009

Quick As Thieves

Crazy Weekend…


Artwork by Jamie Mackinnon and I– we can thank Jamie for the Background Museum Interior – I just filled the Foreground with a Dinosaur and Junk.

Thief’s name is Jean Eric de Fault.


Since you can’t reply to comment on Blogger (for why guys?) I’ll reply here.


Thanks dude, I enjoy character design foremost, but at least I know I’ll have fashion designer to fall back on ^_^;

Visiting D-Con made me realise that if I wanted to get noticed I needed quality to artwork to display. Filtering your work through the criteria of ‘Would I print this out and attach it to the wall behind, could I continue to stand in front of it for an entire exhibition?’ knocked a few holes in my body of work.

So I worked Frogboy up from an existing image applying some more lighting techniques I’d learned since.


Thanks Searra – you’ll have been able to catch glimpses of him no doubt throughout the years. I’m liking him at the moment.. all Zen Fu, Don’t touch my Bubble Pipe, Fish Master.