Tuesday, 1 September 2009


DARE has passed. Awards were won, nominations for BAFTA were given. I’m in one of the fortunate teams to await March eagerly. This chapter closes abruptly and a new page awaits a scribe.

I remain on the job quest – I’ve sent out applications to several companies in the Dundee vicinity. Hopefully they’ll respond in kind.

Until then I shall continue creating artwork with whatever means I have. I’m working on an image I began back at the end of third year, some may recall it. Frogboy chases his dream of catching the inzediddle – I’ve taken it back to the monochromatic stage in order to really focus on the values.


Any criticism welcome.

Also, I’ll be taking part in the NEXT LEVEL DUNDEE event which begins Monday – next week. I’m looking forward to pitching ideas this FRIDAY.