Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Learning some graphic novels

Visual storytelling is amazing, I always get fired up when there's narrative involved in the creation of an image. I love delving into the histories of things. I've not really been an avid reader of comics growing up, mostly due to finances and a childhood of gaming instead however I love them. With the advent of webcomics I was able to consume the media at a staggering rate. I tend to dive head first into narratives like this and binge on them, reading everything available in near to as one sitting as I can manage.

Some that I've read in the past include Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks and Hanna is Not a Boy's Name by Tessa Stone. Check them out! Recently I was linked to reMind by Erik Ly, and I was hooked instantly. Beautiful visuals, and mystery to boot. I luffs mystery.

I've been reading the short speed stories 'Lust' by Will Wright, and got super pumped. The whole comic page arrived in my head all at once around midnight and in my stubbornness I wouldn't let myself sleep til I got all the foundation elements in place. 2 hours later I arrived at this -

There's a ton of things I would amend, change or redo in this but I'm so glad it exists. Get it down on paper, and then you can assess where to go from there. I get hung up on the fact that I don't know all the grammatical rules that have developed around serial artwork / graphic novels but the best way to learn them is by doing them, as I was advised by Thomas Foster recently, '... it's the only way to learm. The more resistant you are to something like that, the bigger a hole it is in your knowledge.'

learn by doing.