Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So, on my way to work this morning my brain piped up and said, ‘Hey you, scruffy!’ and I sauntered on bewildered. I almost tripped on a curb upon which it remarked, ‘You’ve never drawn the Hulk before, give it a spin.’

I took a few thoughtful moments to wonder what kind of spin I could possibly extract from plethora of options. Smashing, busting up parties, throwing shit, killing tanks whereupon my brain said, ‘Make him contemplative. A contemplative Hulk. DO EET!’

So again, a few stolen minutes at the end of lunch and I scrubbed up a passable attempt. I promptly dragged it home to slather it with more time and attention and ended up with this.


With his face all twisted up and wrong… I’ve learned what I didn’t want to do with the idea, and practiced some. So mistakes all bundled up and fresh in mind, I’m going to bash on and see what else I can throw together.