Sunday, 24 February 2013

Art Jam

Last night I participated in an Art Jam/Skype Call with Mike Tiscareno, Florian Gosp Eybe and Joost van Kempen, with with appearances from George Acevedo and Adam Wesierski. I survived 9.5 hours of it.

First round up was to each submit a word into the mix, resulting in Evil Forest Hooker Automaton. 50 mins approx.

Afterward it quickly degenerated into Mike Tiscareno pouring rough sketch thumbnails down upon us to render to our hearts' content.

This is Jenny May.

George put Jenny May on the Farm...

This is Barbara. Barbara corrupted her PSD file.

I also updated the Artchemical Tumblr :3 There's now 5 rounds of images up to view.

It was a great experience, and for most of it I was not listening to music which is my usual pattern, in the breaks between speaking/banter I could hear the comforting sound of stylus' tapping graphics tablets in mutual creativity. I reasoned that this could be similar to working in an office, and the mindset to focusing set in.

This was the last inspiring image to be posted in the skype chat before I had to SLEEP.