Friday, 15 February 2013

The Physic Garden Cover PUBLISHED!

First off, wow! Published! Today I can show you my cover for the novel The Physic Garden by 
Catherine Czerkawska, please visit her site to learn more about this wonderful author. :3

‘What am I afraid of? That a million thoughts, feelings, memories, will come rushing back to overwhelm me? I cannot begin to describe to you the terror - there is no other word for it - engendered by the thought of him, even now, and yet he was as kindly a man as you could wish to meet, one who inspired trust and friendship in equal measure, a man who inspired great love in all those who knew him. I used to think it an unmitigated blessing, used to envy him. But now, with the wisdom of my years, I realise that it can be a peculiar curse and a burden, to be a man whom people love.’ 
The Physic Garden is the story of a close friendship and a betrayal so shocking that it pervades the whole novel, like the memory of a nightmare. As a young man, William Lang worked as a gardener at the old college of Glasgow University but he has spent most of his subsequent life as a printer and bookseller in the growing city of Glasgow. When the novel begins, in the mid 1800s, he is in his seventies, widowed and living with his grown-up family. He has just received a parcel containing a book called the Scots Gard’ner, as well as a handwritten journal. With these volumes comes a letter saying that they were left to him by Thomas Brown, a gentleman who has recently died at his country house in Ayrshire. So many years later, the unexpected legacy of the books reminds William of his youth when he and Thomas became unlikely friends. The memories come flooding back. 

Please find the book here on AMAZON US and AMAZON UK

This marks a momentous day for me, and I am really glad to have worked with Catherine. It is a briiliant feeling to have a piece of my art published on Amazon, and I hope those who buy the kindle book enjoy reading it as much, if not more than I did making the cover to reflect the story contained within.

If any authors who find themselves reading this post, please feel free to contact me by email or facebook about your own novels. I'm sure we can work something out that will be greatly beneficial to us both!

Thanks for reading.