Monday, 11 February 2013

Work at Proper Games

I realise that there's quite a gap in my updates here on the blog, coinciding with my working at Proper GamesHere's a dump of artwork that covers the range of work I did while there. :3

I joined as part of the Abertay Prototype funded project to work on a Facebook adaption of one of their iPhone titles: Yo Deshi. At Proper I worked alongside my team mate from DareWill Wright which aided me a lot, as we share a creative synergy.

Establishing style with a mood board. I will miss you bonzai poodle hair man.

The game was set in a fantastical interpretation of china, where young eager minds are taught the board game in a tibetan-esque monastery.

Around December, I participated in a 1 day game jam where Fritz (of Triple B Games) and I, created Wushi, a one button platformer. This has since been released on XBLIG by Triple B, check out the demo :3

After 3 months our team were hired in as full time staff, and I developed concept art for Proper's then newest title. It had zombies. And buildings. 

These were created in 2 days of experimenting, trying to keep the assets simple and easy for animation, as character customisation would become a large part of the game's appeal.

Guy (left) has had a rough day. He's had to bury his wife. Twice. Also clowns.

I call this guy Fish Tank.

 I pushed for a switch up to oblique projection.

And then went into production art creating environment assets in vectors.

The projects were great in pushing my work in more stylised shapes and design, with some darker shades of humour. On a side note, I particularly enjoyed lunch time board/card games with colleagues, which could last for weeks in ruthless backstabbing to survive the zombie horde.

Unfortunately Proper had to downsize come September, and the project wasn't shipped. On the plus side I decided from then to use that freedom to establish myself as a freelance artist. Onward for 2013!