Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Deliberate Practice

I've been playing the keyboard intermittently for years. Haphazardly bashing out made up compositions which swirled in my head and nothing more on an old yamaha I got from back when I was a kid in high school.  I looked forward to visiting those I knew owned nicer keyboards which had one thing I was missing.

Touch sensitive keys.

In more familiar art terms to myself this is like gaining pressure sensitivity through a wacom tablet in photoshop etc. While before I had the variables of note, pattern and timing - music is severely limited in those dimensions. I could breathe new colour in to familiar pieces. This was musical depth, where I had previously been skating (sliding on my ass) over a frozen lake, nose pressed to the ice.

Instead of bursts of playing during visits over the years, with oceans of time between experiences, I have approached playing musically in the same way as I have approached art. Do it daily. When I started doing this, something magical happened. I improved, and the more I improved, the more I could play. The more I could play manifested as new arrangements and new ideas for worn pieces.

I've always claimed I could not read sheet music, I can. I understand it. I just haven't read often enough to do so fluently. I am going to change this. You could even send me cool arrangements of things you like.

If you wish to learn something, do it daily, don't give up, you'll see results.

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