Saturday, 10 May 2008

Cats walking, Art talking

So on Thursday my current life ended and a new one began. I managed a couple of observed drawings of people while waiting in the bus station. Happenings began with slumping myself into a bus seat and waiting patiently for the world to move around me. It seemed Glasgow had arrived.

My bearings for a lot more fixed and I managed to find my way to Glasgow Central, or rather beneath the train filled station in a whole new world under the pretense of the arches. I had fallen into 'Fashion' and I was swept along in the tide of it. While creative, it felt like it had some inate surreal aura surrounding everything. Unlike my usual sketching/drawing compatriots, these people dealt with 'people'. As their medium. Art pieces became living things, people who breathed and talked, and looked back at you if your eyes became fixed too long. These artworks moved with a will of their own, pulled their own strings, were animate in a whim.

While I might deal with the illusion of life, these artisans sculpted with it. The bond between make-up artist and model is something I've never witnessed before. Add to that mix, the wandering camera wielders and this felt like a world with invisble rules I had to wing as I went. I spent the most part standing still as best I could, not being in the way. Sketchbook firmly placed in hand, I established myself as a visualist, or some such.


Returning to write this after midnight, it is technically still Saturday in my head. It might just take 20 minutes for my mind to catch up with time anyways.

I was recently amazed and in awe of a massive black artist El Coro, especially with his short introduction to his graphic novel, Bum. His storytelling and pacing is matched with his ability to capture light and atmosphere, while his courage to depict unsettling imagery heralds this as a great concepts, masterfully delivered. Well worth checking out.

I have a few sketches of my own brewing, but it'll have to wait til I scan them tomorrow.

Aci out~