Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Time, Thoughts and Hoover Holocausts


It took me several tries to get a fitting title, even when I thought I had it, I went back to re-edit it. What is the worth in the beginning of things? I seem to see a lot of it, but the energy gives way or the attention shifts.

Here's a WIP I'm currently painting of the Frogboy. Trying to work in a little redesign and thought into his character, as it has been evolving over the time of his being 'made-up'. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated yo.

I'm rather crafted in interesting beginnings, but once the development begins, I sort of wane. Terribly wane. Okay I just suck particularly badly at finishing things. This is a recurrent fault of mine, like a fault line across my mind and soul. Or some such.

Considering the limitations of one mind and one pair of hands, I need to come to the terms of what I will be willing AND able to keep going daily. I think I'm going to collate all of the efforts I'm currently working on and see which are working and which are not. Which are worth pursuing and which will kick the bucket, at least for now. So that my time is more focused and therefore I hope more valuable/constructive. The results of this I shall probably post in time to come...

A BIG SHOUT OUT HERE FOR ANYONE WISHING TO BOTH LINK TO AND LINK FROM THIS BLOG. Happy to do so, I'll be checking out fellow art bloggers and seeing which I find fascinating. Perhaps a shout out to them each post, just as a means of being communal.

Also I think this needs to go down in some manner of documentation. Nasal hell was unleashed a couple days ago within the enclosed confines of my room. Dormant there for who knows how long, has been a festering reek fest in the hallway. It's alias, The Hoover. The moment the switch was pressed, both mine and Violet's eyes widened questioningly. 'What the hell?' The smell was a combination of wet mould, ash, dust and weed. What a legacy to have left behind. -shudders- So we emptied, dissenfected, ousted and frebreezed the jebus out of the damn thing and hoped for the best...

Aci out~