Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ears, the Anti-Doorbells. And How!

Write something here you mugula snoot!

It appears as though the past version of myself wishes me to attend to his wishes. You see I opened this posting page in my browser the night before, so that when I returned to the laptop, it was waiting for me. A clever device and trap for myself to continue writing on here. It also reveals some level of my thinking at 3 in the morning.

As such though, this journal is more likely to be pre-events of the day, rather than an account of it. Unless of course I make two entries per day. This is all dependant on time though.

I've started posting things on Deviantart again. Seems like something to do. I'm a little less hesitant about putting up things from what I'm working on, even the strongest ideas and so forth. Because well, they're a vital part of my collective works, y'know?

So I now move onto the matter of who or what Mugula Snoot is.. well I imagine from the essence of the sounds inherent in the name that the chracter is left handed. He would shift from one foot to the other often, to distribute the energies spent by each limb. Is a research scientist or inventor of some manner, specialising in the elements and existential variables involved in metaphoral organ transplantation.

Due to metaphors being made of their own very essences, any part of them would contain themselves. This makes transplanting a volatile and unpredictable endeavour. Since the after shock and consequences of grafting 'fragments' into other beings are so unstable, many have fled from the very notion of it. Ridiculing Mugula for his persistence in a damned field. Mugula took this to heart, to the very idea of a heart, and began his lifetime study of it.

Perhaps he was endeavouring to reverse the deaths of metaphors? But this stumbles into theoretical territory now. And contradicts my notion that dead metaphors still function within the world. This is leading somewhere you know. My ears are still blocked and ringing, furk furk furk. I hope they're amended by the time I have to make my presentation.

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