Monday, 5 May 2008


I recently bought a book. Many books. The different kinds of books come in. Some are full of words, and are for the filling of my head. Some are empty of everything but blank canvas pages, and a longing to be filled by my head. And one of these is Metaphor.

A Metaphor is a metaphor for, is for fondling ideas, carressing them into existence. It is for taking the 2 dimensions of print, and arranging them as portals in a page turning world. Linking images together by feeling, or colour, or intensity or just whatever feels right at the time.

It is for scrawling notes, and words and meanings all for myself.. to horde and savour until the taste makes me dizzy. It is for snippets of otherworldly matters, stuck in adhesively by glue sticks and spit, and sweat, tears and the odd pint of blood.

Metaphor is a journey, and the journey is life. It's 4am dammit.