Sunday, 8 February 2009


It’s occurring to me that I should probably put into place a manner of a plan for the future. Beyond the walls of whitespace and the halls of honours. Whatever they are.

2 things strike me clear in the face. I need a CV, and I need a showreel/portfolio of work. Now. Oh and Business cards, seem like the essential thing to obtain for myself these days.


Began modelling the interior of the Seating Compartment aboard the train. I’m fortunate that this environment is particularly modular, and thus can be instanced where appropriate.

I feel that the design is lacking something in the area directly behind the seating, I’m not sure yet though it could be some manner of Greebles. (I recommend anyone to read Gurney’s blog, artist or otherwise.)

I’ve still to work in the REVELANTERNS which will occupy the space between every seating arrangement. For now I feel the model is remaining close to the original design, which may not necessarily be a good thing, it would be nice to invest some fresh creativity into this.


I have to apologise for this – I really do, but I couldn’t help myself – a re-evaluation of an existing mascot known as Rumbel, found over at Rumbel Subs. It’s a little sketchy, but on second viewing, i should probably give him more of a torso of some kind - ‘weird’ limb ridden kitten head is freaking people out.

To the point Will compared it to this MECH mixed with Fox McCloud.

I’ll be continuing to work on the train interior, I hope to have the environment completed and lit by the end of this week.