Saturday, 14 February 2009

Windbag’s Airbag Suit


Air Bag Suit -

While concept-ing for Windbag today I started adding additional elements to the back of his suit – namely an whirlwind intake system, built into the dimensions of his clothing.

Above are a variable of these designs, if anyone would like to say which aspects they like in accordance to the letter denoting them, that would be awesome.


Also I procrastinated and drew this for a friend while in Whitespace -


It was based on Mihai’s original drawing found here. Be sure to let him know what you think!


Art Director for the recent Prince of Persia series’ and Assasins Creed - – Thought i would share.


This is a follow up link posted on one of Gurney’s blog posts, reflecting on how Sargent paints and taught his students.

I’m enthralled.

Last semester I was keeping an online journal in the form of an adapted wiki page. In order to retrace some of the research steps I had undertaken, I’m going to revisit this page and source any important information which I had gathered in my quest, and repost it up here.

At this juncture I’d also like to extend a request that anyone knowing of some interesting material concerning conscious realisations of Visual Conceptual Metaphor, it would be cool to see what was out there.


I’ve been reading this paper on the links between conceptual mappings and the effects of synesthetic links.


Searching for beards -