Sunday, 22 February 2009

Windbag 3D Modelling Progress

Windbag Facial Topology is almost done – I feel this rushing push against needing to progress, and the caution of understanding that if I rush I’ll more than likely have to retrace my steps later, and this would cost me even more time.

As a record of the current state of the model.



Without facial polygon topology – I’m still unsure how the facial hair will be implemented. Maybe a whole load of wax and wonderment.


Using an image reference plane –


This may look familiar – modified Hatavar hand has been grafted to the Windbag model, altered where approproate.


Wind intake system has been hella fun to develop and adds a nice edge to the overall character appeal. It’s unfortunate that the device doesn’t feature too heavily in the planned sequence – but the foreshadowing of it’s appearance will serve as precursor to the events later.


Steel capped boots? Capped in some way – booyah.

Beginning tomorrow I’ve got to:

  • Align the eyebrow topology so that it matches the shape of the face.
  • Smooth and re-shape the nose
  • Create the inside of the mouth (inner lip), mouth sock.
  • Create the teeth - (Modify Cadeaux’s?)
  • Unwrap the head/figure.
  • Begin Blendshaping (Outlined later)

Night all.