Sunday, 1 February 2009




I spent most of the day sitting in whitespace constructively procrastinating. I did this by 3D modelling the Hatavar each time I got bored with the task at hand of writing my CV.

This went on for a good 6 hours or so before I finally headed up the hill home.

I then spent the night collating a small showreel in Flash which you can view here at:

I then watched the film ‘Wanted’ which was surprisingly interesting. Included curving bullets, which was a cool concept in itself.

The whole film was worth watching to finally hear Morgan Freeman exclaim, ‘Kill this motherf--ker.’'


My aim for today was to UV unwrap and begin texturing the Hatavar – it’s about time I had something to animate with. I’ve gotta push on, if I’m to keep on track.

I’m debating on whether to take this into zbrush in order to create normal maps in Zmapper

. It all depends on the final look of the environment and style I’m aiming for.