Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Week 4 Progress


  • Review the Animatic once more and get feedback on the new ideas.
  • Show Hatavar 3D Progress
  • Ask for suggestions on the Rig Set-up for the Hat Brim



  • Spent last week preparing a showreel for Rare.
  • Spent the weekend modelling and tweaking the Hatavar model preparing it to be UV Unwrapped.
  • Unwrapped the model in UVLayout.
  • Began hand painting textures in Photoshop.
  • Applied to model to test.
  • Preliminary Rig Tests for new model with Setup Machine.
  • Working on the sense and flow of the animatic, drawn a number of new panels based upon suggestions from others.


Action Points:

  • 1. Questions to be sorted into categories.
  • 2. Find out the main reaction of Windbag at the end of his quest (to find the Hatavar.