Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Week 5 Day 29 Continued

I found out today through trial and error that Abertay has Adobe CS3 upstairs in the new open space labs, but this computer does not recognise the Wacom Tablet as a wacom, instead a human interface device, and subsequently responds to it as it would a regular mouse.

But hoorah – 1546 computers do have the drivers installed, they do not however have CS3. Instead they’re still clutching to Photoshop 7.0 like it was rare obsidian or something.

In true Abertay flare then, they’ve segregated the two aspects of my workflow, stranding me somewhere in between.

Why not just use 7.0 then? You may ask. Well, I can, and probably will – only I’ve recently been investing some time into experimenting with custom brushes, and my particular favourites function only in CS1 or above.


I’m going to mix it up a little – I feel like my competence with drawing in photoshop has improved a little in terms of my coordination and ability to quickly realise form a little more.

Try some storyboard panels based solely in photoshop – see how it goes.

Oh and El Coro’s TRANSIENT!


What is wrong with this picture?


And for a fresh view.

Scene1-TrainExterior copy copy

Hopefully this will make more sense to my eyes in the morning.