Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So today I…


Behold the fortune of Abertay -

I happened to be sitting in Lab 1546, ground floor whitespace Maya lab when Gregor White strolls in gregorly, and announces there will be a lecture at 3 in the not-so-big, big lecture room.

I bide my time and eventually make my way there. I arrive to find someone giving away ice cream. Yes, ice cream. The guys in the row behind me, pictured above all departed in unison and returned with this bountiful arrangement.

So even though the lecture was about to begin, the lighting was crap, and my hands were shaky – I took this picture of the beautiful moment. (Sorry for the crappy quality, but flash would have drawn too much attention.)


During the lecture I drawed some Obligator concepts – my scanner is broken somewhat so I’m having to capture these with my camera for now.



Think I’ll edit these in photoshop so they’re not as greyed out and obscure.

Using these as a reference, I set about modelling the Obligator(s) which will symbolise the real threat of harm upon the train. They’re deliberately convoluted machinations of Fear, trundling the carriage ways at nigh break neck speeds!




Quite enjoying this 3D puzzle, just trying to sculpt something that I’m not familiar of doing before. – still in the early stages. I’ll probably be working on my Hatavar texture again tonight, so I’ll post that up some time tomorrow.

Oh and I’ll also be attending the First Thurstday event being held here in Dundee at the DCA. It’ll be an early start, but hopefully worth it so I’ll be taking my sketchbook along for kicks.

Remember kids - ‘Just turn up.’ ~ Woody Allen

I also had Pitch, oh-wasn’t-that-exciting-news.