Monday, 9 February 2009

Week 5 Day 29


Tinkering in UVLayout led to this – the process is a little draining, because I’m not even sure if this is the final model. I’d just like something I could play around with textures with.

Anyone know any good tutorials on lighting within Maya? I really need to learn this more effectively.

By the end of this week, I would like Hatavar to be completely animatable and ready for animation. This includes facial rig set-up. Anyone who is interested in helping out with his hat/scarf set up is more than welcome to pitch in.



Next up is the hat! I’ve been thinking that the model is a little small in comparison to the reference drawings I’ve become accustomed to pouring out (due to storyboards). So I think before I get down to the nitty-gritty decoration of said hat, I’d best attempt to get the proportions correct.


I’ve arrived at this manner of absurdity – it is a little narrow at the base, but part of me likes it. That same part will probably wake up tomorrow with a complete reversal of opinion and bitch slap me into pro-active backtracking but for now I’m content to unwrap and set up the texture maps for this. It will be an alleviation to see the complete Hatavar get-up soon, in near to as full colour as has been found outside of Photoshop.

Haven’t slept yet and I ended up widening that narrow neck of the hat. Just going to apply those preliminary textures to the models before finishing up for bed.


I think tomorrow (today) I’ll try out some alpha mapping on the hat brim to give that some character and drag it away from looking pathetically geometrical.

Now, to the land of dreams!