Wednesday, 11 February 2009



Brian Robinson suggested today that we write out 3 paragraphs summarising our Dissertation – so let us begin.

How do you define metaphor without comparing it to something else? That is in part the nature of metaphor as it exists today. metaphor is the glue between ideas. Pull the idea far enough apart and you create a strand, a tangible link. A causeway for meaning to travel the distance of perceptible thought.

All the world’s a stage – thank you Shakespeare. i really must read more of his work – I feel like I’m missing out, so

If anyone knows of a great source for Shakespeare writings, throw it may way!

I aim to seek out examples of particular use of conceptual metaphor present within the visual medium – still paintings, graphics novels, refining more to its’ expression throughout animation.

I’m approaching this from a structure of building story – I’ve been reading Robert McKee’s book based upon it and it is insightful – I just wish I could quicken my reading pace, as there just isn’t enough time in the day to feed my head.

- Brian suggested also at each stage of my design process, each element could be accompanied by a written description of how metaphor has informed my work. It’s tempting to do so – but that feels like a magician explaining his tricks.

As in the Prestige -

Alfred Borden: The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything.

Also on the matter of jumbled words!


How to draw? When asked, 'how do you draw?' I freeze. Mind blank. Vacant stare. The muttering of consonants.

And then I think. I walk home, I reflect on everything I didn't say, and I forget everything I did. So for those of you at my 'clinic' this evening, here is a more comprehensive answer to the question.

Ask the right questions.

For instance, rather than how to draw, let's consider 'Why to draw.' What motivates you to express yourself visually?

What it the reason you wish to place a pen/pencil/chalk/brush/conte to paper/canvas/board/tablet in the first place?

Find that, hold onto that, it’s your reason. With a force to move you, let it be guided by your curiosity which is the most important aspect to nurture. An artist is lost within limited horizons, just as a writer has little to write about when they’re stranded in nothing.

Learn the basics. – ConceptArt’s Wiki will jumpstart you – look beyond this.

We see by light. Without light, we would have no perception of form. Learn light. I’ll try to build up a resource of links for my personal use and share it.

Still stuck?


This is my search result for Conceptual Metaphor on TED -

Whoo – none! But what does this mean, really is that TED isn’t a place to dabble specifically in Lakoff and Johnson’s works. That or the way they organise their talks, it doesn’t describe all the things going on in them yet. This’ll take more work on my part.

This was all I got coming up for ‘Metaphor’


Also today I’m installing ToonBoom Animate PLE version, just to see if it’ll be any cooler than Flash for what I’m wanting to do. It was featured in my latest issue of Imagine FX – however the disc I got from them was malfunctioning so I downloaded it from ToonBoom themselves.